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The needs of manufacturers are increasingly localized. Developing the capacity to rapidly respond to local needs, changes, and deficiencies requires an engaged community of business, education, and civic stakeholders. Successful alignment for strengthened manufacturing workforce pipelines is achieved when business, education, and community leaders establish collective goals and commit to plans of action for achieving shared community and economic development strategies.


Bringing the right people and organizations together around manufacturing and education opportunities can be difficult. These are key questions to ask as you start to think what a partnership might look like in your community.

Champions:Who are the key partners we need to help champion these strategies? Be as specific as possible.

Existing Assets: What existing assets could communities build upon in implementing the alignment strategies?

Resources: If the alignment strategies require new or additional resources, what might they be and where might the community get them?

Barriers: Are there one or two things that could be a barrier to implementing the alignment strategies?


The North Carolina Advanced Manufacturing Alliance is an ideal example of education and industry partnering with nonprofits and local workforce boards. With a vision of “accelerating education and training of a high performance workforce for careers in advanced manufacturing based on industry needs,” NCAMA is working to develop the capacity of North Carolina communities to respond to local needs by engaging schools, community colleges, industry, and local stakeholders. For more information on NCAMA and to find a participating community college near you, visit

Action Statuses  (3)

Grant Millin,

I am already working with a group on this issue, and we plan to expand our efforts by I am an Asheville 5 x 5 and GroWNC consortium member. I am also developing the North Carolina Innovation and Opportunity Ecosystem (NC IOE): http://www.innovograph.com/projects/nc-ioe/

Doris L,

I am already working with a group on this issue, and we plan to expand our efforts by collaborating to bring 4th graders to local farms on which food is produced. The NC Coop. Ext. Srvc., Cattleman's Assoc., and teachers are checking curriculum, networking, and planning, in order to introduce students to agricultural production, healthy nutrition, and relevance of education. We're excited about this opportunity to impact students' perceptions and experience base.

mike o,

I am not yet working with a group, but I am taking action by working with State and Local leaders to develop digital tools for collaboration between existing programs and making connection more actionable.