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Rutherford County - Industry-Education Alignment Initiatives

Successful alignment of industry and education for strengthened manufacturing workforce pipelines is achieved when business, education, and community leaders establish collective goals and commit to plans of action for achieving shared community and economic development strategies. We want to hear from you!

What industry-education alignment projects/initiatives are you working on in Rutherford County? Share your project goals and objectives below.


By clicking the “Take Action” button below you can share current and ongoing manufacturing industry-education alignment projects in your community. Include your organization’s name and any partners engaged in your alignment efforts. Initial Action Statuses are limited to 400 characters. However, additional content and updates can be provided as comments to respective actions. Be sure to include pertinent project goals, outcomes and outputs.


Some examples of notable alignment projects and initiatives include:

In 2007 Chicago’s Manufacturing Renaissance Council led a multi-party team of public and private stakeholders in establishing the Austin Polytechnical Academy. APA is a nationally acclaimed public college and career prep high school with a mission to educate the next generation of leaders in all aspects of manufacturing (including skilled production, engineering, management, and company ownership). For more information on Austin Polytechnical Academy:

The City of Monroe and Union County launched a manufacturing awareness campaign funded by the private sector. The program encourages young people to consider manufacturing careers. In the first phase of the two-year program, the city brought all ten of the county’s high school principals to tour several manufacturing facilities in the area. For more information:

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Mark F,

I am already working with a group on this issue, and we plan to expand our efforts by ICC is aligning with Trelleborg to provide training to provide qualified applicants for the current positions and also a pipeline for positions to fill future expansion. ICC is being proactive in its efforts to meet the demands and needs of future manufacturing through the development of an Applied Science Center to better serve and business and industry in our service area.