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Emulate the Medical Profession’s Structure

Forum participants said we must build the status of teachers by (a) adopting aspirational standards; (b) establish residency schools; (c) establish leadership opportunities for teachers; (d) obtain board certification after teaching for a number of years; (e) establish and encourage opportunities for autonomy; and (f) provide opportunities for innovation and sharing innovations.


How do we do this? What role can local communities and districts play in moving this priority forward? Who is already doing it—in NC or elsewhere—that we can look to for ideas? Are you involved in doing this or would you like to be?

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Suzanne G,

I am not yet working with a group, but I am taking action by exploring the research literature on "medical models." Some recent initiatives borrow the "clinical grand rounds" model and others propose the idea of a sort of residency approach to induction level teacher support.