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Inventory North Carolina's Regulatory Science Assets

Highlighting regulatory science programs across the state could be a foundation for regulatory science efforts in North Carolina. More information is needed not only on what is located in North Carolina, but in other states as well. The IEI Business Committee on Regulatory Science (BCRS) found that there is no comprehensive listing of the many regulatory science-related assets in its university and nonprofit sectors. The BCRS recommends tha


  • NC BIO develop a list of best practices and from other states that may be useful to North Carolina (e.g., Arkansas’ and Maryland’s CERSIs).
  • NC BIO, the NC Biotechnology Center and the UNC General Administration create an inventory of North Carolina’s regulatory science-related academic and research assets. A first step is to work with REACH NC, which provides a database and other information on university and research institution capacities. While REACH NC currently provides information on life sciences, specific terms or definitions for regulatory science needs should be developed as searchable terms in the database.
  • BCRS members encourage North Carolina academic and research institutions to utilize the asset inventory to identify opportunities for collaboration in cutting edge areas of regulatory science research.

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