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Create a Community for Coworking Advocates

Community developers want to support entrepreneurship and seek innovative ways to do so. A community of coworking advocates will help ID best practices to build these collaborative spaces for “solopreneurs” and companies alike.


  • ID existing coworking spaces.
  • Create a database of contact information.
  • Research and compile a contextual report.
  • Research and compile best practices.
  • Develop strategic outreach plan for new and potential advocates.


IEI Coworking Report, Coworking Video

Action Statuses  (4)

Wendy Burkland,

I am not yet working with a group, but I am taking action by Letting a few local entrepreneurs know about this movement, especially the Raleigh HUB co working space.

Craig M,

I have worked with others on this issue, and will share our successes through Mojo Coworking was invited to be a member of (the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces).  There are only about 18 coworking spaces that were selected for membership.  This means that coworkers from other LEXC member spaces can use Mojo at no charge.  And Mojo members can work from other LEXC spaces at no charge.

Jenny M,

I am not yet working with a group, but I am taking action by presenting a report to our town council and the community on Tuesday May 7, 2013 performed by Duke MBA students on the feasibility of establishing and sustaining coworking space in Holly Springs

Grant Millin,

I am working to identify a group that will work with me on this issue by developing the North Carolina Innovation and Opportunity Ecosystem (NC IOE): Virtual collaboration and knowledge sharing can be a kind of coworking. Collaborative innovation can be applied to many of the IEI Commons issues.