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NC Oral Health

How can we promote good oral health and address the underserved oral health needs of North Carolinians?

Healthy teeth and gums aren’t a luxury. They’re essential. That’s because our dental health has an impact on our overall health and neglecting one can negatively impact the other.

North Carolina, like many states, struggles to maintain optimal oral health care for its residents. That is why the is engaging and supporting communities in taking a whole-person, patient-centered approach to improve oral health outcomes, costs and reduce oral health disparities statewide. They are seeking your input for a statewide action plan to improve oral health.

The collaborative is seeking input on the following three questions:

  1. How can we enhance oral health literacy in NC?
  2. How can we promote medical/dental collaboration in NC?
  3. What are your personal experiences with the current oral health system?

Click “Add Your Idea” to answer the questions above. Be sure to include the question number in your response.