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Support World-Class Teachers

How do we train, retain and support world-class teachers in every classroom to secure NC’s future competitiveness?

Great teachers shape students for life outside the classroom, making them well-rounded citizens with a capacity – and often a desire – for lifelong learning. Without highly effective educators, North Carolina’s students will be ill-prepared for meaningful, well-paying careers, and North Carolina runs the risk of operating without a globally competitive workforce.

The Forum audience identified five top priorities for meeting this challenge:

• Build Career Ladders

• Develop 11-Month contracts

• Increase Teacher Competitiveness

• Rebrand Teaching

• Emulate the Medical Profession’s Structure

It is now up to to all of us across the state to put these ideas into action. Click on the “Action” links in the upper right corner to share what your community will do. Learn how to turn these ideas into action by signing up for our online MOOC course .