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Teacher Appreciation Week All Year Long

Teachers have the power to change lives and we see it happen daily in our district. However, as our legislators continue to be faced with difficult “pencils or potholes” decisions, the plight of today’s teacher is becoming increasingly daunting.  Our teachers are responsible for the academic achievement and social emotional development of their students, and in a time when they are asked to be doing more with less, it is critical to reward them and give back to them whenever possible. When teachers feel valued and are treated like professionals, they are exponentially more effective in their classrooms. Our proposal is a multi-pronged approach to engaging community stakeholders in supporting teachers including a community-wide strategic and compelling marketing campaign about the power of teachers, strategic business partnerships and mentor relationships between business leaders and teachers, a community summit including business leaders, legislators, and teachers focused on taking action on the most pressing needs of teachers, and an innovative leadership development program for teachers to enhance their personal and professional skills.  With these components combined, our campaign, Education Matters, will allow our community to provide the support teachers need and deserve and will dramatically improve educator morale and quality. In essence, the campaign will allow our community to have a localized “Teacher Appreciation Week” every day.  

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