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Designing Extended Reach

Every teacher highly effective...every student cognitively engaged. This is the vision for teaching and learning in Cabarrus County Schools. To that end, Cabarrus County Schools seeks to support its leaders and teachers in strategically designing schools to extend the reach of excellent teachers while providing opportunities for career advancement (additional pay and greater reach) because of their excellence, leadership, and impact on students. This support includes a partnership with Public Impact to pilot Opportunity Culture models in 2014-2015 in up to four Title I elementary schools. The pilot will include designing school models that include teacher advancement positions such as Multi-Classroom Leaders and Blended Learning Teachers, which recognize teachers for excellence while maintaining their work within classrooms. As an education organization, Cabarrus County Schools aims to provide all students with access to excellent teachers while at the same time paying teachers a competitive salary. Opportunity Culture addresses both of these areas and provides teachers with learning experiences, decision-making opportunities, and compensation that will increase the retention and support of world-class teachers.

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