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Innovative Energy Solutions

Advanced Energy Corporation of NC 909 Capability Drive Suite 2100 Raleigh, NC 27606 (919) 857-9000

Manufacturing is key to the business success of North Carolina. Manufacturing is a very large consumer of energy resources. Innovative energy solutions are key to keeping our NC industries competitive.

Advanced Energy Corporation in Raleigh, NC provides these innovative energy solutions.

Advanced Energy is a non-profit energy services company and we work closely with local utilities, equipment vendors, and industrial companies to help improve the energy efficiency of manufacturing processes and operations.

The bottom line is that we provide innovative solutions to industry to improve their energy efficiency, to save money, to keep a competitive advantage, and to stay, grow and thrive in NC.

The Advanced Energy staff consists of: Professional Engineers Certified Energy Managers Professional Energy Managers Building Scientists Licensed Electricians ISO-50001 Certification and Superior Energy Performance Coaches, and Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals

We are always evaluating new energy saving technology and know the vendors for the latest and greatest solutions.

We facilitate the combination of end user needs, equipment vendors offerings, and utility incentives to find the absolute best innovative energy solution for our industrial customers.

We have an internationally certified Motor testing Lab, certified by UL and the US Department of Energy.

We have staff that provide training all over the country.

We have staff that serve on the board of directors for trade associations.

We have staff that serve on technical committees for electrical and energy issues.

Members of this forum would benefit greatly by getting to know Advanced Energy and understanding how we can help make NC the place to be for manufacturers.

We want to sustain enduring competitive manufacturing in NC and our innovative energy solutions are instrumental in help to achieve this.

Submitted by: Michael Stowe, PE Senior Energy Engineer Advanced Energy (919) 857-9043 (work) (919) 904-0279 (cell)

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