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Mojo Coworking

Mojo Coworking has been the center of Asheville’s entrepreneurial eco-system for nearly 4 years. Mojo provides an open space for ideas to formulate and flourish by allowing members to plug into social, creative and entrepreneurial energy.

Beyond desks, offices and conference rooms to support entrepreneurs and the growing freelance economy, Mojo also hosts multiple events in our space that help our members collide with the creative community at large. The Kauffman Foundation’s 1 Million Cups of Coffee is held every Wednesday morning at Mojo and has been a growing success. We also host LEAN Start Up Circle every month, Meet The Geeks, WNCdotNet, Warren Wilson College, B-Sides Security Conference and many more.

In addition to straight-forward “office” mojo, we are also stretching our services to include tech education through hands-on experiences. The Mojo Tech Lab features four 3D printers, a design center and a 3D Scanner. Our first 3D Design & Print Camp is taking place this winter. 

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