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Increase Education System Equity

Within five years, state leaders, including the legislature, cabinet, and Governor’s office, should develop a comprehensive plan to increase education system equity. This plan must support the development of a fully representative (race, gender, age) workforce that possesses the skills and talents desired by tomorrow’s industries. The plan should address accessibility of education from pre-K to higher education; diversity in participation across the system; resource allocation; and the achievement gap.

Context: Continued changes in the job market will mean that people will switch jobs, and even industries, multiple times throughout their careers. This new job market will demand new and faster options for training that go well beyond today’s existing degree and credential models. Our current learning models are designed for 19th-century workplaces and assign disproportionate responsibility and risk to the education system without sufficient integration with and buy-in from industry. Many argue, as well, that we are experiencing a crisis of innovation and are unable to produce enough entrepreneurs to move inventions to market and thereby create jobs.

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