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Moderation Policy

Moderation Policy

The Emerging Issues Commons encourages an open exchange of ideas and commentary on the biggest issues facing North Carolina. We consider this kind of collaboration vital to the future of our state, and we hope you will participate often.

To ensure our community is productive and thoughtful, the staff of the Institute for Emerging Issues reserves the right to delete posts that we consider to be in violation of our guidelines, which are as follows:

1. Try to keep your comments succinct and on topic. Comments that bear no relation to the Challenge question or Issue area will be deleted.

2. In the event that users submit similar ideas, IEI may merge ideas together to facilitate discussion. The remaining idea will be credited to the multiple users who submitted it.

3. By submitting content to the Emerging Issues Commons, you grant the Institute for Emerging Issues and NC State University, the royalty free, non-exclusive right and license to use, publish, reproduce, modify, adapt, and edit such content.

4. The Institute for Emerging Issues values differing perspectives and a diversity of opinion. If you disagree with the content of an idea or comment, we ask you to frame your comments in a way that they facilitate an on-going conversation.

5. Ideas or comments that are determined to be advertising or spam will be deleted.

6. Ideas and comments are reviewed daily and the guidelines above will be followed in moderating the content.

We hope you will take part in enhancing civic engagement through participating in the Emerging Issues Commons!