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Get To Know the Village

We have all heard that it takes a village to raise a child!  As a veteran teacher, I am convinced that the statement is true.  Teachers must get to know the village where they work.  Teachers must collaborate and partner with parents, community groups, and community leaders to form a  bridge of support or community network to help students achieve their goals.  As a teacher I partner with my parents to reinforce what is taught at school.  I partner with community groups and churches to help with after school tutoring, food banks and coat projects.  I collaborate with businesses to donate needed materials for the classroom.  The Cooperative Extension Agency provides great materials on health and fitness activities for youth.  A local foundation has a dental van where local  dentists volunteer their time to help children without dental insurance.  Teachers can collaborate and partner to meet the specific needs in their own village,  When teachers build community networks they are strengthening the schools where they work.  All of the stakeholders in the village win because they are helping to improve lives.

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