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Coastal Connections through PBE

Place Based Education (PBE) is the use of place where one lives as a context for integrating core content. Coastal North Carolina is a unique and special place with a rich history, culture and marine environment. It is also unique in its extraordinarily rich assemblage of organizations, agencies and institutions that provide intellectual assets, facilities and capabilities that can be leveraged by teachers to use as place based educational experiences. In a recent survey, teachers indicated that they were unaware of resources were available to them or uncomfortable with the content and pedagogy necessary to implement PBE in their classrooms. Our proposal, Coastal Connections, uses the existing partnership of the North Carolina Marine Science and Education Partnership, a well established collaboration of economic, research and educational leaders and directors who have the capability to provide teachers with professional development opportunities that will empower them with the training in coastal science content, familiarity with coastal research and issues and Place Based Education along with sustained STEM Support through access to scientists and community partners who can offer classroom assistance, loan of scientific equipment and materials, followup PD and teacher support in schools as well as access to facilities and equipment necessary to deliver world class instruction. 

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